• Human Resource Management

  • Human Resource Management

    BizMerlin is the human resource management solution of choice for small and medium sized teams. Thousands of outstanding teams choose BizMerlin to hire, onboard, manage, allocate and retain their team members.
    Completely cloud-based application available via your favorite web browsers and native iOS and Android mobile apps. 100+ integrations with JIRA, Salesforce, QuickBooks and others.

  • Our Solutions

    We're on a mission to connect your cause to the people who care the most.

    Consolidate all of the information like documents signed, trainings, important dates into a single view. Access the data from anywhere.

    Faster and easier way to fill the positions internally (thanks to skill matrix and Resource Utilization) or externally through transparent candidate interview process.

    Engage new employees with our easy onboarding solution. Create custom workflows to get new team members up and running quickly.

    Set SMART goals with meaningful check-ins. Build a culture of positive feedback. Conduct periodic performance reviews.

    Visualize and allocate your resources across projects optimally. Avoid over and under-booking blunders. Structure the teams for success.

    Automate your processes with a single application for a leaner business model, to eliminate the errors and frustration with manual data entering and integrating multiple systems.

    Measure and document each skill. Identify the gaps. Train your resources well. Create a custom set of skills that are relevant to your workforce.

    Retain your best talent. Setup custom rules to analyze special characteristics of turnover. Constantly monitor risk factors to determine who is leaving, when, and why.

  • Who We Are

    We're on a mission to connect your cause to the people who care the most.

    Amrinder Arora


    As the Chief Executive Officer of BizMerlin, Dr. Arora is responsible for setting the strategic direction of BizMerlin’s solutions. Dr. Arora is also an adjunct faculty member at George Washington University, and is a frequent speaker at conferences and an expert in the field of algorithms.

    Bob Cofod


    Bob Cofod has degrees in MPA, Intelligence, Public Administration, and Business Administration from Blair Academy, the University of North Carolina, the University of South Carolina, and Golden Gate University of San Francisco.He has also served as President at LICA

    that performed R&D under government contracts in areas of intelligence, command and control, healthcare management systems. He is extremely passionate about the fraud detection and prevention solutions and hence always thinking about the new solutions to handle and prevent the fraudulent practices. Under his leadership FRAU Detect developed and deployed the integrated solutions for prevention of fraud.

    Prashant Lamba


    Prashant is a technology executive and Darden MBA with extensive experience in delivering technology solutions in Healthcare, Telco and Retail sectors. He is seasoned product manager with extensive experience in delivering complex technology products,

    including billing and predictive analytics algorithms.Leading product engineering and product management, he built build Oracle Revenue and Billing Management (Healthcare). He has also led healthcare analytics products team at EDIFECS in Healthcare. He has also played role of lead solution architect and product development for Exchange Transaction Management (ACA) at hCentive, as well as other ecommerce platforms for Fortune 500 clients in the telecom and retail sectors at while working at Sapient Nitro. He co-founded prodzer.com, platform marketplace for localized commerce. He is also instrumental in setting up HIVMAI.org- leading online HIV experts’ community in India.

    Soneeka Arora


    With 17+ yrs of experience in global enterprises in the U.S. and India, Soneeka has nurtured BizMerlin every single day from its inception to going global. As the Chief Marketing Officer at BizMerlin, Ms Arora is responsible for BizMerlin’s marketing strategy and positioning, global HR, people engagement, talent acquisition and development initiatives.

  • Profile

    David Balash

    Vice President – Product Development

    With both an MBA from Bellevue University and an MS in computer science from The George Washington University, David is an accomplished software engineer and project leader with a diverse background in fields such as telecommunications, transportation, and government contracting. He has a determined focus on product quality and exceeding customer expectations.

    Nitin Sehra

    Senior Technical Lead

    12 years of experience in designing and implementing system and application level software on many diverse platforms including web. He had lead young and enthusiastic teams to deliver high impact software with a proven record in building, deploying and supporting mission critical systems.

    Monika Rani

    Product Manager - Supply Chain Management Solutions

    Her vision and commitment outshines and gives a jump boost to her experience in years. She is BM’s life coach, with her smile and encouraging words she also kicks the monotony of the day to day office environment out of the 10th floor window.

    Megha Atwal

    Product Manager - Resource Management Solutions

    With her post doc in IT and specialization in Data Compression, Megha holds her undergraduate degree in Information Technology and Masters degree in Computer Science and Engineering. From an intern to a Manager, Megha has always been an invaluable resource for the team.


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