Set Reminders for Anything

BizMerlin “Set Reminder” feature allows you to set the reminder about your important notifications as per your requirements and needs.

BizMerlin Reminders
Reminders can be anything for example; any recruitment or opportunity or any upcoming events in the organization. As you set up a reminder in the system, a reminder notification will be sent to your email.

Everyone can set reminders that are customized from their perspective. For example, as an active “doer”, you can set reminders for the opened tasks, projects, or the set goals. If you are part of HR, you can set reminders for any recruitment or opportunity that needs to be taken care of.

All you need to do is to set the subject of the reminder with a message on the specified date. You can choose the recipients: it can be the user itself or any other user. The user receives the reminder mail on the date as saved.


Wall of Fame for Performance Feedbacks

Give your employees recognition by posting on a wall of fame which displays all posts that focus on employee’s performance and appreciation. This is the page where you can place feedbacks or announcements regarding your employee’s outstanding work. You can also express your level of satisfactions by choosing various templates available.

With performance feedback employees are reminded of how valuable their work is for the organization. Employees often feel the most valued when they receive sincere, personal praise from their Manager.  Having a wall of fame stands as a symbol of pride for your employees, which makes the employees happy and motivated.


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