Customize your BizMerlin Experience using Custom Fields in 3 Easy Steps

You can customize your BizMerlin experience, by adding extra fields (Input fields such as Dropdown List, Textbox, Date picker etc.) to pages in order to capture and show additional information. Use these extra fields to model your own processes.

Step 1: Define Custom Fields

You can define new custom fields for most objects, such as projects, candidates, positions, accounts, contacts, resource plans, etc. Custom fields can be text fields, check boxes, radio buttons, text areas and drop downs. For each of these custom fields, you can specify further sub categories, such as numeric, etc.

Step 2: Group Custom Fields

You can group similar information in different sections, by defining Group Names. For instance, you may wish to save/share more detailed information like Educational Details, Work History etc. about a candidate, which are not captured in this page by default, you can add all of these quite easily by using the grouped custom fields feature. Custom field groups make your pages look good and easily distinguish loads of information from one another.

Customized Candidate View Page

Step 3: Create Custom Lists for Drop Downs

You can also add list of active User/Projects to choose on any page by using Dropdown of Active User/Active Projects type as a custom field.

Customized candidate detail page

Tracking the progress of your goal

Most of the progress towards any significant goal inevitably comes in bursts.  For example, consider this actual goal’s progress:

Goal Progress Chart - BizMerlinMost of the progress came between two short months (or even lesser of Jan/Feb 2013).  Then, there is a period of relative little progress until July, and then there is the final burst. This may work for goals that are multiple months, and that require a lot of creative thinking.

However, for goals that are of shorter duration and have a more clearly defined steps, more consistent progress is desirable.  BizMerlin’s goal collaboration features and reminders are designed to make that happen.  When you create a goal, you can make someone be your check-in partner, and that person can periodically check in with you to ensure more consistent progress.  You can pay forward, and be the check-in partner for someone else.

Take the first step and set your goals.

Territory Management

A sales territory may be based on customer group or geographic area which will be taken care of by an individual sales manager, sales head and salesperson. BizMerlin allows you to define the territories and geographic area according to your business needs.

Territory Management, BizMerlin

BizMerlin Territory Management helps you to manage your territories at different hierarchical levels. You can easily define parent territories and child territories and then assign them to respective persons like sales manager, team lead or sales personnel. The accounts, opportunities and contacts can then be assigned to any one of the territories and the users assigned to the same territories will be responsible for their growth and management. These users based on their roles have complete ownership and accountability for their territories which results in good performance and productivity of their territories.  Thus, effective territory management establishes consistency for entering, tracking and advancing opportunities in sales pipelines.

Some of the features and advantages of using Territory management system are:

  1. It becomes easy to segment and organize your Customers.
  2. Users in a territory can be granted different access permissions like read, read/write, or owner for opportunities/accounts lying under a territory.
  3. The owners and heads of territories become responsible and answerable to sales within their territories and hence improved performance.
  4. Effective territory management results in effective pipeline management, opportunity planning, account planning.
  5. Resources like salesperson may or may not be shared among multiple territories.