Feb 24

Resource Utilization

Utilization of resources is always a point of concern for every service organization. Keeping the definition as simple as possible utilization is calculation of time spent on working.

With BizMerlin resource utilization report, you can easily get the information about the time your resources spend on some projects and tasks. You can generate current month’s utilization report in a tabular format which gives you an overview of a resource’s utilization in percentage and the time (in hours) used by him/her from total hours (working hours in current month). The time actually spent by user on some task is determined by the timecard the user has filled.

The default utilization report is very simple but factual. It is total hours worked divided by total hours in a week.

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Resource Utilization

This report is useful for the following reasons:

  • To know how the resources time is being used
  • To know about a resource whose time is not properly utilized and allocate them to some project
  • To accurately engage in resource and budget planning

BizMerlin provides you with the accurate, concise and timely information about your resource utilization which can be used by your company’s executives for business decisions.

Read about our Resource Management Process.

Jul 22

Processes to build your start-ups strong and healthy

Five Processes that all businesses especially Start-ups must have:

1. First look inside, and then look out: It is a very natural urge for each organization to grow big in numbers both in terms of revenue and employees.


Know your employees well.

Whenever they win a new project or a new client, the first step is to induct some more resources who can handle that extra piece of work. Now, here the smart managers must pause and think to execute control over unnecessary hiring. This can be easily done if the organizations establish one central process or a system to log in the skillsets of each of the resources so that whenever the need be the different departments of the organization can borrow the resources. The easier version will to have a simple skill matrix in excel or doc but since we are in the year 2013, investing small amount of money to have a little bit sophisticated skill matrix would be a nice idea.

The best case scenario will be where each of the department enters their requirements of the required resources not in terms of positions but skill sets. HR must then try to identify the resources first from within the organization itself and when no matching skill set is identified inside, that is when they must begin to look outside for recruitment.

In nutshell, they must have agile resource allocation process.


2. Optimal resource utilization: Today’s competitive and enterprising industry requires that all businesses especially start-ups must optimally use all of its resources. Usually in large organizations, a large number of


Optimal Resource Allocation

people are overburdened and a much larger number is carrying the responsibility less than they can take or should take. And most of the times, improper resource identification and allocation is the main culprit for poor resource utilization. So second most essential process or system is the one that helps to identify and ascertain if each of the existing resources are being optimally utilized or underutilized.  If they are being underutilized then the next step will be to find out if any of the other  team or department can share those resources or not.

To deliver more business value, technology must support HR and recruitment team for real-time data of resource allocation. This strengthens the process improvement and they will spend less time on traditional administrative activities and more time on strategic planning for optimal resource utilization.


3. Excellent employee engagement – Start-ups must establish a very active employee engagement process. It takes a lot of effort to hire good people; they must spend equal amount of time to engage them because  excellent employee engagement translates to couple of other excellent outcomes like


Excellent Employee Engagement

  1. Less churn rate. More engaged employees are more satisfied employees. More satisfied employees stay longer with the organization. Longer they stay, better is the image of the organization in the industry and hence better customer confidence in the organization. It also means that lesser money is spent on hiring again for the same position.
  2. Better management: More engaged employees play a very proactive role in the growth of an organization. They participate and actively look for the opportunities to fill the gaps in the organization.


4. Strong communication – All the above processes are successful only if an organization supports excellent communication process with the employees and the customers.


Excellent Communication

Processes must be identified to encourage the communication between the various groups and also to improve the The stakeholders must conduct  town halls or conferences and meetings regularly to share the vision, strategy or other changes happening at senior management level. They must also try to dissipate any anticipation or apprehensions that surface out. It doesn’t have to be an expensive or an elaborate affair but talking over cupcakes and coffee will also do. The point is to stay connected at all levels.


Strengthen your core business

5. Processes to strengthen the core business – From the day one of inception the businesses must look forward to improve and strengthen the core business line. They should always look out for new developments; new methodologies etc. in their industry. A continuous effort should be made to identify any gaps in the existing line of action and steps taken to overcome those. Again, all that is needed is just networking with the best in the industry and keeping eyes and ears open.





Mar 28

Is your HR manager empowered enough to think strategically?

Is your HR only thinking about payrolling and timesheets? Can your HR manager make or help make right choices for recruitment of new candidates? Is she aware of the staffing projections of the resources and the current allocations of the projects? Does she know how many people will be freed from the projects or absorbed in the projects in the coming months? If not, try BizMerlin for free.

To deliver more business value, technology must support HR and recruitment team for real-time data of resource allocation. This strengthens the process improvement and they will spend less time on traditional administrative activities and more time on strategic planning for optimal resource utilization.

This has also been documented by Dr. Anthony Hesketh of Lancaster University Management School. It has been found that “87% of HR directors now have a place on companies’ executive management committees, while 40% have a seat on the board.” More and more organizations are recognizing the fact that HR plays a broader role in steering the organization towards growth and success. But this is possible only when HR takes time to look outside the conventional day to day activities of time and leave management and reporting.


Strong Analytics by BizMerlin

With BizMerlin, there is absolutely no need to ask for the report. Reports and analytics are always ready, and available to all the decision makers have it ready all the time.  They can pull out the reports as they need, print or save as PDF/CSV. That also means that the organization is very transparent and there is free flow of information available between the various departments and the decisions are taken at organization level and not just department level.

It is very important to free HR from the otherwise perceived HR tasks so that they can think strategically for the organization.