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On how to hire the best candidates and avoid costly mis-hires

...or how BizMerlinHR and Wonderlic made it happen!

BizMerlinHR adds yet another awesome out-of-the box integration!

In partnership with Wonscore™ from Wonderlic , we have added another tool to our Hiring Module to help you identify the best candidates by ensuring the right fit.

Wonderlic’s Wonscore automates testing and scoring of job applicants, and measures specific dimensions that are scientifically-proven to predict future job performance for every candidate. And these key dimensions are tailored to be relevant to each job opening. The integration with BizMerlinHR provides easy access for employers to this testing and scoring resource directly within our ATS, making it easier than ever before to quickly identify and hire the best.

Did you know that 60% of applicant's drop out due to lengthy processes*? BizMerlinHR ATS offers a clean and straight forward candidate experience, ensuring candidates won’t drop during the application process, and Wonderlic helps recruiters and hiring managers quickly prioritize their outreach with the individuals who have the best potential for success.


Because we all love to welcome new great fits to our organization, here is to making that happen quick and easy!

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