Self Onboarding PlatformGive your new hires a stress-free and smooth onboarding experience
Electronic SignatureGet the documents signed without any additional logins or accounts
Document LibraryStore all the documents like employee handbook in one place for easy access
Workflows and checklistsCreate your own customized  workflows that meet your organization needs.
Notifications and remindersCustomize what and who gets notified and how often.

Employee onboarding software to streamline new-hires.

Employee OnBoarding checklist

Bringing new people into the team is always exciting! Invest your time in nurturing relationships and connections to your new hires and leave the launching and tracking of all the routine tasks and paperwork to BizMerlinHR.

Automate the onboarding process and track completion with BizMerlinHR!

Customize Onboarding tasks and checklists and track completion at the click of a button

Works modularly with your existing ecosystem!  Trigger from your candidate gateway, start a pre-boarding process, then integrate back to your core HR system!

Onboard Employees with eSignature

Paperless and self-serve, so employees can dive in on their first day.

Without any additional accounts or logins. Right in your BizMerlinHR Portal

Employee OnBoarding

Best Employee Onboarding software

‘We tried 5 different software solutions for customer onboarding. We are so glad we chose BizMerlin. Phew – gone are our days of cumbersome onboarding. BizMerlin is the best in this regard. Starting from electronic document signing, to system walk through and onboarding tasks, BizMerlin can do it all, and is the most user friendly system out there, hands down.’

Ira Koreleva – HR Manager, Symphony LLC