• Employee Records

    Because Employee Records are so much more than file keeping, experience employee profiles that help you manage people's growth, talent, and optimize their value

  • Key Benefits

    • Self Service Employee Portal
    • Comprehensive employee profile for great talent and growth management
    • Electronic document signature and document storage
    • Great employee engagement experience with Social Feeds and much more
    • Workflows and tasks delivered to your inbox with smart notifications and reminders
    • Flexible and configurable: create custom fields or tags and adjust access and permissions
  • At-a-glance view of Employees Profiles

  • Store all relevant documents right in the employee profile record

  • Electronic Document Signing: Without any additional accounts or logins. Right in your BizMerlinHR Portal


  • Track other information through custom fields or adding comments to peoples' profiles

  • Task Inbox: assign workflows and tasks, and track their progress for easy follow up

  • Time Off - Do not disturb!

  • Follow what goals people are working on! You might want to chime in!

  • Celebrate colleagues as they are being acknowledged for their good work through instant feedback

  • Understand peoples' expertise and skills, you might want to recruit them for your next project!

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