• Instant Feedback

    Meaningful | Frequent | Actionable

    Strengthen a growth driven culture for your talent with instant feedback that keeps people motivated, engaged and committed. Never miss again the opportunity to feature a colleague for a job well done! Be it a meeting, an event, a presentation, a proposal, a deal! Send your feedback and share these posts on individual, team or company walls! Share them in social feeds externally as well!

  • Key Benefits

    • Easily give an receive continuous and instant feedback
    • Strengthen a culture of growth, recognition and celebration
    • Make feedback relevant, meaningful and timely
    • Celebrate with public social feeds, 'walls of fame' and 'company walls'
    • Link feedback comments to related relevant skills
    • Strengthen your employee engagement with relevant performance management
    • Facilitate meaningful dialogue and open communication
  • Rejoice in your team's achievements

    So the small and big achievements are never forgotten, check them out at the feedback wall!

  • Make sure the boss knows!

    Make sure your acknowledgments never go unnoticed and share them in the public walls and through targeted notifications

  • Check out how colleagues are being acknowledge in their profile

    Together with their expertise, their goals, their projects, and much more everything in one place!

  • Close the feedback loop!

    And every feedback you give can be linked to any specific skill, so when the time to update skill assessments and performance cycle comes, all those great feedback comments are available

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