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    BizMerlinHR featured in the HR Tech Special Edition on CIO Applications Magazine

    "BizMerlinHR works to fill the gaps in resource allocation and hte vital human resource management space to uplift a 'regular' company to a 'supercharged' company"

    CIO Applications, June 2017

    BizMerlinHR selected as one of the 10 most valuable cloud solution provider Companies



    "With its open API and 100+ inbuilt integrations, BizMerlin was able to solve the problem of data silos that affects a majority of the organizations. BizMerlinHR is a key and willing partner in an organization’s ecosystem, and using the inbuilt integrations with Jira, ADP, Salesforce, and other applications, customers can make the most of their data and ensure that data can be used in a holistic manner.


    Further, using AI tools, BizMerlinHR was able to start giving start system recommendations, in stark contrast to other HR systems that are simply pretty data storage tools or fancy address books."

    Insights Success, April 2017

    "We chose BizMerlin as the best HR software for small business because of its affordable price, its payroll integrations, and for its additional features like recruiting that push it closer to being an all-in-one solution for small business HR needs"

    “For most companies people are their most valuable asset and it is surprising, if not outright shocking, that the management of these resources is either considered to be a burden, or considered ‘solved’ using some variant of an address book. BizMerlin takes the opposite view to that, where all phases of a person’s hiring to retire cycle are given due consideration.”

    Insights Success- January 2017

    " Reston, VA based BizMerlin has been leveraging the power of cloud and striving to ameliorate the resource management experience since its inception. "We have never had a 'download' option, and we have never been asked for by any client and that goes on to show the adoption of the cloud in this very competitive market," says Dr. Amrinder Arora, CEO of BizMerlin. "

    Silicon India - June 2016

    " Compass found that BizMerlin provides a full spectrum of resource management functions by forecasting how many team members are needed for current and future projects, putting together appropriately skilled teams at the right rate and visualizing how teams evolve overtime. As the margins are always thin in the professional services business, assembling a team that can successfully complete the project on time and profitably is the key. Traditional project management tools (like JIRA) are great at tasking, and BizMerlin’s Resource Management platform along with its skill matrix and performance management solutions make project management tools more effective by optimizing the preceding step of team allocation. "

    GlobeNewswire - July 2016



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  • Max is now on top of the performance review process while building a true culture of great feedback to focus on what really matters: happy and growing talent!

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