• Skills Management

    It is proven that people are happier at work when they know their skills are being leveraged to the most of their potential, and when given the chance to grow where they need to. And because this translates directly into maximized profitability: understand who knows what and at what level, and visualize it easily so you can have at-a-glance sense of your teams' strengths, and your resourcing gaps to inform people allocation, trainings plans, career paths, and much more!

    • Easily visualize your teams' strengths
    • Define skills and skill types relevant for your industry, sector, values and culture
    • Filter by teams, departments, projects and more
    • Easily staff your teams and projects with the people with the expertise you need
    • Choose the assessment scale that is best for you (red-amber-green, 5 point scale, and more)
    • Easy and beautiful reports
    • Link instant feedback given to specific skills
  • See people's expertise right in their profile

    Choose and define the assessment scale that is right for your skill, your department, industry, sector, values or company culture

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