Skill Matrix

A skill matrix enables your organization to identify, list, measure and analyze the relevant skills for your entire workforce.  The skill matrix is perhaps the single most important artifact for organizations that depend on the performance of their human capital.

Define skills for your organization
Create a custom set of skills that are relevant to your workforce.  Distribute the skills across multiple categories.

Assess the users with their skills
Assess each person’s proficiency of the skill, and then analyze each project and the entire workforce.

Train your staff
Help your team find appropriate learning resources to enhance their skills.

Easy workflow to add and manage skills
Easily find resources that don’t have skills defined.  Add skills one by one, or in a matrix.  Beautiful user interface makes sure nothing gets in your way.

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Skill Management Basics

Managing and improving skills of its employee is a tough task for companies. Most of them don’t have the proper knowledge of the skills possessed within the organization. Companies well informed of the skills and the knowledge of their employees will be able to fulfill the following items:

  • Find the right single employee for a specific task or project
  • Retrieve and assemble flexible project teams
  • Develop and update employees skills
  • Explore the employees future career path

The employment of skill management systems can prove to be very efficient for service providers particularly when changing project and the flexible roles of the employees necessitate short reaction times in time-critical projects. The human resource management processes like personal planning, recruiting, selection or development benefit from a successfully implemented skill management system.

In many companies skill management systems are driven, developed and managed by the human resource department. Skill Matrix is an exceptional technique to record and view the skills of all the employees of an organization.

User Skill Attributes

  • Name: Unique name for a skill in the database e.g. JAVA, PHP
  • Type: Group in which this skill is used e.g. Development, Quality Analysis
  • Description: Description about the skill
  • Level: Scale of expertise (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)


To carry out user skill management efficiently it is essential that the following technical and organizational requirements are met.

  • Administration of skill matrix: Defining of skills for all the employees of an organization along with a provision to add new skill and users as required.
  • Filtering: Since the skill matrix is typically large (many workers and many skills), unless the skill matrix can be filtered easily along both dimensions, it may not be very useful.
  • Searching: The primary functionality of skill matrix is to find the employees with a particular skill type required for a project. Therefore, searching is a core feature of skill matrix.

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