• SMART Goal Management

    Individuals and teams work better and are more satisfied when goals are clear, progress is shared and when there is room for active collaboration and coaching around them.
    BizMerlinHR brings this an more for everyone to be on top of their game.
    Easy, intuitive and fun!

  • Key Benefits

    • Easily create goals: individual or company wide
    • Quickly assign goals to yourself or somebody else
    • Link goals to specific projects
    • Track progress and define collaborators
    • Automate notifications and reminders to be on top of your game and deadlines
    • Attach documents and comments to projects
    • Easy and beautiful reports: goals by user, status, department and a lot more
  • Goals! Our most used module!

    'The goals module is our biggest used module. For their price point, the goals, instant feedback, applicant tracking and on boarding, we are saving almost 30% of what we were spending, while getting a whole lot more.'


    Caitlyn H - HR Manager, SW Inc.

  • Create and update your goals on the go with our Mobile Apps

    Whether Android or iOS, share your progress on the go, easy and fast!

  • Easily assign goals to team members

    Are you a team lead? Are you a team member? No matter who you can create goals and assign them to the right team member! But don't worry, you can also invite other colleagues as collaborators!

  • Goal Collaborators Map

    Easily visualize who is working towards any specific goal. Because rarely things happen in isolation, recognize the team work!

  • Define who will review the goal

    Easily support the accountability your team needs for great achievements

  • Attach documents and post comments

    So latest news, questions, documents and much more, are in one place for the team reference!

  • Check out what goals people are working on in their profile

    Together with their expertise, their public feedback, their projects, everything in one place!

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