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Hiring – Get it right with seamless collaboration


Position Management & Job Portal Integrations

  • Manage and publish the positions on multiple job portals with one click to attract the right candidates.
  • Match your candidate pool against newly opened positions.

Candidate Tracking

  • Automatically parse all incoming resumes and search across all dimensions.
  • Create custom hiring workflows and assessment templates for easy evaluation and comparison.
  • Create custom offer letters, manage compensation structures, and kickstart onboarding workflows.

Public Facing Job Board

  • Create your public-facing job board where external and internal candidates can apply.
  • Choose colors, theme and social sharing options to match your website.
  • Track referrals and external sources for evaluating source performance and referral bonuses.

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Comprehensive Onboarding beyond the checklist


Great First Experience for New Hires

  • Self-service platform for early new hire engagement
  • Collaborative employee onboarding for a well-rounded experience

Operational Efficiency through Customizable Workflows & Checklists

  • Design workflows based on department, function, profile for improved time to productivity 
  • Complete paperwork, early training, meetings and other tasks to get your new hires to speed fast and easy
  • Reports and checklists to ensure first steps are clear to meet and easy to track

Stay compliant while growing fast 

  • Configure workflows based on the employee location for local compliance
  • Go paperless through electronic signature: Without any additional logins or accounts. Store your signed documents in the user’s profile
  • Automatic notifications and reminders: Have everybody on top of their game with notifications and reminders sent to your inbox

Make promotions and farewells easy and smooth as well.

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Employee Records – Complete, Secure, Accessible Anywhere

Centralized Employee Record

Backbone of employee management

  • Flexible & customizable profiles– Create sections, custom fields or tags & adjust access and permissions
  • Access employee profiles when needed
  • A comprehensive view of employees’ profile (Employment History, Benefits, Skills, Performance, Training etc.)

Stay compliant with ease

  • Electronic signatures & document storage
  • Centralized employee documents
  •  All documents organized, secure and clutter-free
  • Automatic notifications and reminders 

Improved employee productivity

  • A self-service portal that empowers your workforce to manage their own data, certifications, licenses 
  • At a glance view of employee profile that highlights what you need to know: people’s’ preferences, uniform sizes, or ID numbers – you decide.

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Empower your Teams with Time and Attendance Solutions


Configurable PTO policies and leave types 

  • Define your leave conditions – accrual rates, thresholds, carryovers and more
  • Customize timecard & PTO approval workflow and process

Manage time off on the go via a mobile app 

  • Self-service platform to request time off
  • Shared calendar views – Helps teams to plan for their vacations and holidays while providing adequate coverage
  • Automatic and accurate balances

Track use of time with ease and accuracy 

  • Capture durations, in/out times or clock in/out via desktop, kiosk and mobile apps
  • Also, capture project activity and retroactively allocate regular and overtime hours to projects, tasks and more through timecards
  • Real-time analytics/dashboards

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Continuous performance management

Employees Engagement

Performance reviews to enhance and strengthen culture 

  • Single or multilayered reviews with self, peer, supervisor, direct reports and external collaborators
  • Configurable workflows to automate the reviews using customizable templates and consolidation options

Instant feedback and praise to better engage your workforce

  • Configurable feedback formats to meet your speed, purpose, and timing
  • Feedback walls and badges with points and gamification features

Check-Ins for continued alignment

  • Structure regular performance conversations and determine next steps
  • Quick 1-on-1 check-ins to (allow supervisors to) mentor team members and address concerns

OKRs & SMART goals to ensure organizational efficiency 

  • Cascade company level goals to team and individual team members
  • Keep goals interactive and engaging with comments, documents, notifications and reminders

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Competency management that drives personalized training


Easily & consistently train your employees

    • Identify personalized training needs to support goals and career aspirations
    •  Assign trainings to your workforce, create assessments and give certificates on completion
    • Central workspace to manage enterprise learning (internal / external content) and employee compliance

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You need to start a plan with where you are!

Workforce Planning

AI-enabled workforce planning & forecasting

  • Gain a quick insight into how your workforce is placed 
  • Quickly optimize the workforce as plans and deliverables change
  • Forecast the workforce based on the skills or the competencies required

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Show your employees a career within your company

Career PlanningCareer Pathways

  • Extract and fine-tune career pathways using AI from historical promotion data
  • Visual roadmap to help employees identify their next moves, associated skill gaps and recommended trainings

Succession Planning

  • Create a formal succession plan based on system recommendations for a potential replacement
  • Compare the competencies of shortlisted potential candidates against the position requirements 

Job Profile Repository

  • A holistic repository of all job profiles, including competencies, experience and leadership attributes 
  • Use profiles to guide skills, training, career pathways, recruitment, and workforce planning

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