AI Powered HCM Software for Fast Growing Mid-Size Companies

100+ robust data integrations with JIRA, QuickBooks and others

Completely cloud based application. Available via your favorite web browsers
Native iOS and Android mobile apps

Integrated | Configurable | Comprehensive | Engaging HR Software

Search your existing candidate database or publish the positions on the platform of choice to hire the right candidates.

  • Get a predictive skill matching  for the newly opened positions.
  • Provide insights to the executive boards with the strong analytics.
  • Collaborate with Colleagues to hire the best candidate for that positions.
  • Create your own customized assessment templates for easy evaluation and comparison.
  • Create and customize your own hiring workflows, configure your jobabaords and dashboards.

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Leave an ultimate and ever-lasting experience for the candidates as they onboard as employees!

  • Create customized onboarding and offboarding workflows to automate the process so that you can eliminate human errors and stay compliant with all the formalities.
  • Complete and save the paperwork with Electronic Signatures from the employees even when your workforce is in different location and timezone.
  • Easily assign new hire introduction meetings, mandatory trainings and other introduction sessions via the self-access portal.

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Centralized Employee Record
Empower Your workforce to manage to Their Employee Records and Give Yourself One Less Thing to Do.

With BizMerlinHR, within the considerable range of access your organization desires, employees can manage their own data.

  • View their own employee profile
  • Update their own personal information
  • Update their Certifications and Licenses.
  • Look up work emails and colleagues’ phone numbers
  • Organize all the documents in one place, secured and clutter free!

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  • Easy timesheets that automatically feed reports, workflows and more.
  • Capture durations, in/out times, or clock in/out or utilize our platform to capture activity, project/task information and apply custom attributes as per business needs.
  • Model unlimited global time off policies for vacation accruals, resets, effective dates and more as per your business needs.
  • Shared calendar views help teams to plan their vacations and holidays while providing adequate coverage.
  • Empower the emloyees to submit their time-off on the go via the mobile app.

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Employees Engagement

  • Define corporate-level goals that cascade down to team and individual team members.
  • Configurable workflows make it simple to automate the performance review cycle to match your established processes.
  • Lauch Performance Reviews in bulk using templates by organization-, department-, location- or job-specific with specific criteria for evaluation and your choice of thumbsup-thumbs-down, numerical or weighted scale ratings.
  • Send review requests to external collaborators with ease, all from within BizMerlinHR!
  • Create alerts, (set frequency of choice) and reminders to keep track of progress on reviews and goals, and real-time monitoring enables managers and HR professionals to track status at any time for more timely employee reviews.
  • With real-time goal tracking via the dashboard, managers are able to have tactical and startegic communications with team members and provide ongoing performance reviews for improved engagement, development, and succession planning. 

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  • Easily and consistently train your employees as you engage them with ongoing development.
  • Empower your workforce to control their own talent journey.
  • Connect the career planning and the learning content, to create their own growth path in the organization.
  • Assign trainings to your workforce, create assessments and give certificates on completion.
  • Monitor your training programs with reports that will clearly highlight training compliance and completions.

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Workforce Planning

BizMerlinHR’s AI-enabled workforce planner provides you a quick insight into how your workforce is placed and enables you to quickly optimize the workforce with the change in the plans.

  • BizMerlinHR Workforce Forecasting feature helps you forecast the workforce based on the skills or the competencies required.
  • Optimally hire your resources or plan the allocation of resources against mulitple projects to get an accurate picture of your workforce.

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Career Planning
A comprehensive application that measures current leadership performance and future leadership potential.

  • Create a holistic profile of all the roles, by defining the required competencies, experience, knowledge, and personal attributes.
  • Create a formal succession plan strategy.
  • Identify who is next in line to fill in the position as your current workforce retires or moves higher up in the ladder.
  • Align with organizational capabilities and maturity to make workforce planning achievable and highly impactful.

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What our customers are saying about
how BizMerlinHR is changing their business

Skill Matrix, a feature we cannot live without!

“In the pursuit of evaluating HR solutions, we tested numerous products and found BizMerlin to be a very cost efficient way to best manage our most valuable strategic resource. BizMerlin provides the ability to implement a complete robust modern HR process that benefits company executives, supervisory managers, and individual contributor employees. Customer service is excellent and unlike many of HR solutions we tested, BizMerlin can easily be tailored by our company which we believe contributes to our competitive advantage. One of BizMerlin’s unique features that we now can’t live without is Skill Matrix which allows us to optimize our workforce by ensuring the right person (either through hiring or internal allocation) is on the right team, working the right project, at the right time to maximize revenues while minimizing HR operating costs across our enterprise.”

Eric Cash - President / CEO,Crawford Cash Consulting Group

No Drama. The product just works!

“We selected BizMerlin after doing a long review of all leading HRs, spanning over 3 months. If you see the advertising, the competitors promise the moon, but if you get into the details, they nickel and dime you. For example, from one of the better known competitors, we got slapped with a couple of grand “setup fee”. With BizMerlin, you get zero drama. Their product just works, and the pricing is super flat. All two or three times I had to call them, I got pretty much their top leadership or a very experienced product developer on the phone, who know everything inside out, and were able to help me in like 5 mins. Again, no drama, and this is their best aspect.”

Caitlyn - SW Inc.

A great product, great support, greater pricing!

“We have been using BizMerlin for over a year now to manage our HR activities. They’ve got a great product, a great support team and even better pricing. Highly recommended.”

Mohit Sareen - Jungli CEO

Simplicity and ease of use

“I am very impressed by the simplicity and ease-of-use of this product. My basic familiarity with HR processes allowed me to intuitively recognize all key functionality and I could start using the product without any help, demo or user guide. Two important aspects of high performing organizations are ‘clarity in expectation’ and ‘transparency in execution’. BizMerlin very nicely facilitates those aspects of HR management.”

Manoj Srivastava - Graphus Inc.

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