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7 Steps to select the best HR software

Technology is a key enabler today, helping HR professionals drive efficiencies and effectiveness in talent processes. Yet, embracing and incorporating HR technology is a major change, and there are myriad questions relating to technologizing HR, with HR and business folks arguing if HRM software is too expensive, whether it delivers on ROI, and even whether it adds value at all!


Here are 7 simple steps on how to make your HR technology change journey a fruitful one.


1. Start with a free trial

BizMerlinHR Free trial


Any vendor you consider should offer a free, unlimited trial. Take the trial and set up your data and explore all options available in the software.  Roll up your sleeves, and get to work.

2. Assess the strategic impact

BizMerlinHR- Assess the strategic impact

HR software is spread across domains – L&D, PMS, Hiring, etc. For example, if an organization decides to focus on social hiring, it would do good to availBizMerlin Hiring application’s ability to collect resumes via embedded “Apply Now” buttons on social media channels.

3. Only consider cloud solutions

BizMerlinHR cloud solutions

Gone are the days that you would even consider an on-premise solution. For example, the BizMerlin suite of applications is a third-party completely cloud-based application that can be easily accessed anytime, anywhere through our usual web browsers.

4. Be sure to integrate

BizMerlinHR IntegrationHR has long been blamed for functioning in silos, but this is no longer the case provided you ensure HR software integration. Modern HR management software modules “talk” to one another, allowing data-flows and access to relevant stakeholders. This is possible because of the integrated nature of modern technologies and high levels of connectedness. For example, BizMerlin modules such asGoal Management, Performance Reviews, Skill Management, Employee Records, Easy Onboarding, etc. talk to one another. In fact, BizMerlin integration levels extend a step further- the software has 100+ integrationswith JIRA, Salesforce, QuickBooks, and other applications.

5. Test the support channels

BizMerlinHR support channels:Your preferred vendor should offer multiple support channels, including chat support so if you have questions, you can get answers right then and there, when you need them!

6. And don’t forget the pricing

BizMerlinHR Pricing

The pricing should be transparent and published (don’t fall for “contact us for a custom pricing” junk).

7. Simplicity is the key

Once you open your trial account, you should be able to do a basic setup right away. From setting up your company logo and color scheme to importing users so you can start exploring with ease.

Jumping onto the HR technology bandwagon is the way to hire, onboard, manage, allocate and retain outstanding team members. BizMerlin offers all these elements at an affordable rate because the company believes that technology should be within reach and work for your better, whether you are an established big firm or just starting out.