Applicant Tracking and Hiring Automation System


Publish Positions

In BizMerlin’s exclusive job board, in your website, in third party job boards

Employee Profiles

Centralized Applicant Tracking System

Candidates from all your different sources in just one place


Candidate Applicant Portal

Give your candidates a great experience from minute one


Seamless Recruiting Workflows

Make the recruiting process a breeze to navigate, and report


Control access to candidate information

Make sure people only access information relevant to them



Assess candidates the way that is relevant for you


Flexible and Customizable

Create custom fields or tags and adjust access and permissions

Mail Icon

Communication & notifications

Never miss a thing with notifications delivered to your inbox


Electronic Signatures

Go paperless for all your recruiting and hiring process



Easily transition to welcome your new hire to the company

Position Management

Create jobs and authorize position requisition through approval paths. Publish positions on popular external job portals and social channels to hire the best candidates or post internally to source from the talent existing within your organization. Track the vacancies through your customized Reports and Dashboards.

Candidate Tracking

When making the decision to hire, every detail counts. Capture all the relevant information in standard as well as custom fields. Gain real-time visibility about the application status of each candidate through customised candidate-funnels. View the historical interaction your team has had with the candidate. Engage candidates, schedule interviews and generate assessments, assign skills and do much more, all from a single interface.

External Facing Job Portal

Provide an excellent candidate experience from start to finish. BizMerlinHR’s External Facing Job Portal makes it easy for applicants to apply, submit their info, receive job suggestions, complete training and respond to documents. Make your portal more personal and appealing with background images and leave a lasting impression by sharing the vision of your company and the people behind your business.

Reach out to better candidates and share a simple and intuitive way
to and evaluate their applicant information