Applicant Tracking and Hiring Automation System

Applicant Tracking

Applicant Tracking System

Modern Recruiting System for Streamlined Team-Based Hiring

Manage all your internal and external job openings

Position Management

Manage all your internal and external job openings

Manage, track and engage candidates

Centralized ATS

Manage, track and engage candidates across the entire candidate lifecycle

Assess candidates using your own process


Assess candidates using your own process and criteria

Give your candidates a great experience

Candidate Applicant Portal

Give your candidates a great experience from minute one

Position Management

The right person for the right job is a key-determinant in making a company’s mission come to life. Streamline job profiles in your company with a structured position management system. Publish positions on popular external job portals and social channels to hire the best candidates or post internally to source from the talent existing within your organization.

Position Management

Sponsor your job listings directly on Monster to boost applications from job seekers.

Candidate Tracking

Candidate Tracking

Manage every aspect of the candidate journey with our intuitive hiring funnel. Track candidates across various stages, ranging from the initial screening stage to the final selection phase. Streamline your interview process, share candidate details with team members, map assessments and scores, generate offer letters effortlessly, and do much more!  

Streamline your talent acquisition process, right from sourcing to onboarding

Job Portal for Candidates

Positive interaction with the candidates goes a long way in making the recruitment process a success. Enable your candidates to complete tests, fill out documents, check the status of their job applications, review their job offers in a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Job Portal for Candidates

Reach out to better candidates, evaluate applicant information and make the best hire by using our simple and intuitive interface

Candidate Assessment

Candidate Assessment

Determine the suitability of a candidate based on a variety of assessment tools. Use preliminary assessment tests to screen out applicants who do not meet the cut-off criteria. Assign tests to candidates at different stages of the recruitment process, document candidates’ responses through different interview methods, and gather feedback from references in a quick and smart way.

Automate Your Offer Letters and Recruit Top Talent Faster!

Key Features

  • Customize offer letter templates that reflect your company culture
  • Generate and track outstanding offer letters seamlessly
  • Route offers to approver with offer approval process
  • Get insightful analytics on the sent offers
  • Track offer letter acceptance rates and gain market intelligence

Looking for something else? Supplement your Applicant Tracking System with Effortless Onboarding

Data-Driven Recruiting

Harness the power of statistical data in recruiting decisions

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What comes next after hiring?

Turn your new hires into productive employees of the organization with a seamless and welcoming onboarding experience

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