Candidate Assessment

Candidate Assessment

Screen your Best-Fit Candidates to Enhance the Spectrum of Talent Lifecycle.

Candidate Assessment
Assessment Criteria

Standardize your Assessment Criteria

Define the parameters required for specific parameters using our assessment templates under the hiring section.  Add multiple sections for their assessment and decide their metrics based on skills set for open positions.

Reviewer’s Quantitative Analysis

Score your candidate on their area of competency to determine the quantitative analysis for your reviewer. Make it necessary, optional, or leave it out entirely; likewise, set the format for the assessment scale based on the standards of your company’s applicant tracking system.

Quantitative Assessment

Optimize Candidate’s Skill Set with BizMerlinHR’s Inbuilt Hiring Assessment Tool.

Qualitative Assessment

Reviewer's Qualitative Analysis

To determine their abilities in a specific role, mention the details of your analysis in the form of comments. Make these mandatory or optional as per your organization’s needs.

Save Screening Time

Save time by scheduling an assessment for the candidate to your experts in order to analyze their skills on the basis of their interview and test you would have taken. Save a valuable record of their skill abilities to observe their improvements while performing at your organization.

Save Time