Candidate Portal

Candidate Portal

Establish Your Internal Talent Marketplace

Publish positions internally on your BizMerlinHR job board to demonstrate openness and fairness in the hiring process. The development of your own ITM helps your managers to quickly deploy suitable resources for projects.

Post Vacancies Automatically on Careers Page

Instead of creating the job vacancy and then having to go through the redundant process of listing it on your company’s career page, you can immediately and efficiently update the vacancy by installing our WordPress plugin.

AI-Driven Job Suggestions

Our AI-driven job suggestions assist in delivering personalized recommendations that suit each candidate’s tastes and preferences. Finding a suitable job effortlessly always contributes to their candidate experience.

Let Candidates Know About Your Company

Finding the right candidate is not limited to the right skill set, but also the right mindset. Having a candidate know about your company before they apply can go a long way in familiarizing them with the company culture. Add information about your company on your BizMerlinHR Job Board, sharing the vision of your company and the people behind your business.

Candidate Self-Service Portal

Optimize the candidate journey by giving them access to the self-service portal where they can browse the job listings and build up their profile. They can also learn about the status of their application and interview schedules, fill out forms and upload required documents, complete tests and training and do much more!

Expand Your Reach | Enrich Your Candidate Experience

  • Easy to configure
  • Reach job-seekers right where they are searching
  • Single-click-apply solution for applicants
  • Advanced Integrations with popular job sites
  • Embedded AI

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