Integrated Monster Sponsorship

Integrated Monster Sponsorship

Enrich your recruitment pipeline by adding Monster sponsorship to your open positions.

Your job ads are posted on Monster in real-time

Take immediate action, gain insights from upto-date analytics and save valuable hours spent on delayed processing, all thanks to BizMerlinHR + Monster integration.

Check the activities of the applicants

Get notified when applicants upload their documents and resume to the Monster platform. Simultaneously, you can give them access to your job board for registration.

You can purchase Monster’s job directly within the BizMerlinHR Platform.

Manage and engage the right candidates

Manage right candidates effortlessly and rate them with one click to determine for the next step. Make structured notes of the candidates and conversions to share it with the team.

Make your job post stand out in search results

Make your job post stand out at the top. Job ads will automatically refresh within a sponsorship for instant results.