Position Management

Position Management

Track and Manage All the Positions in Your Organization Under One Roof

Position Requisition

Enable your staff to become problem-solvers who take the initiative to fill the gaps between existing output and desired output. Kickstart the position requisition process with the ease and automation rendered by BizMerlinHR Forms.

Automate More by Empowering Your Employees with Employee Self Service

Employee Approval Flows

Multi-Layered Approvals

Whether you need just one person to approve a Position before it’s published, or you need an entire chain of approvers, BizMerlinHR’s Position Approvals are here to make the process effortless and seamless.

Job Distribution & Multiposting

Promote your career opportunities and maximize exposure by publishing your vacancies across multiple job portals and social media channels.

Matching Candidates From the Pool

You will never miss a great candidate ever again, thanks to our AI-powered recommendation engine. Automatic analysis of certain criteria results in a best-fit match between your positions and candidates thereby eliminating cognitive bias and saving time.

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Referral Management

Harness the latent power of your employees’ social network! Your employees know best about the jobs and the work culture of your company. BizMerlinHR’s easy-to-use Referral tool encourages your staff members to recommend suitable candidates thereby resulting in a shortened recruitment cycle and reduced overall hiring costs.

Referral Management

Position Watchers

A good way to get notified of position updates and to keep track of applicants is to “watch” a Position in BizMerlinHR.

Committed to Making Recruitment Effortless.

  • Easily raise a new recruitment request
  • Set up your position approval flow
  • Reach the top candidates right where they’re searching.
  • Leverage AI for candidate recommendations

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