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6 Questions to ask yourself when designing your Performance Review Process

February 9, 2021 · All, Performance Reviews,

Behind every successful performance review process, there is some level of reflection and intention behind the process. One that fits your specific purpose, your organization’s culture, practices and capacity.

Here are 6 key questions that will help you design your process, and how to build it in BizMerlinHR:

  1. What is the purpose of your Performance Review Process?
  2. What is the content being assessed?
    1. Check in conversation
    2. Metrics based
    3. Goals based assessment
    4. Skills based assessment
    5. Combination of goals, competencies and other indicators
  3. Variations: Is the process the same across the board or is it specific? Variations by:
    1. Department
    2. Location
    3. Role
    4. Tenure
  4. How many levels of assessments do you need? Are different roles focusing on different issues?
    1. Self review
    2. Peers review
    3. Supervisors review (Manager, Manager’s Manager, Org Unit Head)
    4. Direct reports review
    5. Other
    6. External reviewers
  5. What is the timeline for your performance review process?
    1. Reviews in parallel
    2. Reviews in sequence
    3. Combination of both
  6. How much do you want to share during the process? Visibility options on:
    1. Reviewers’ identity
    2. Reviewers’ content