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Add/Delete Member to User Group

May 13, 2019 · All, Employee Records, Getting Started in BizMerlin & FAQs,



[To learn more about the difference between “User Profile” | “User Role” | “User Group”]

How to Add and Delete Users in a User Group

  1. To begin, hover over the gear icon in the upper right corner and select “Security and Permissions”.
  2. Go to the Permissions section and click on “User Groups”.
  3. Now, choose the User Group to which you want to add the person. Let’s say we select Account Manager as a User Group here.


Add a Member


  1. Click on the button “Add Member” to add a new user to a selected user group.
  2. Search for and pick the user whose name you want to add to the designated user group.
  3. Here you can see that the user is added to the respective user group successfully.



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