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All About Permissions

April 24, 2020 · Getting Started in BizMerlin & FAQs,

BizMerlinHR will allow you to control the experience and the level of access & permissions of the Users at different levels.

  1. The User Groups/Functions Matrix: This is the main framework that controls the different access levels and visibility to different areas and information.
  2. Custom Field Permissions: You can control who can view and/or edit any custom field in the application.
  3. Report Permissions: You can control who can view reports and/or edit existing reports and/or create new ones at the individual level.
  4. Documents Permissions: You can control the general access to the Public Document Library, as well as access to User’s documents file by file.
  5. Feedback and Performance reviews visibility options: You can control private/public feedback walls and private/public individual feedback posts, as well as an array of visibility options in your performance review settings


For more information on module specific permissions, please go to:


Learn more about “Who sees What on other User’s Profile“.

Learn more about “How to add or delete members in a User Group“.

Learn more about “How to manage User Group Permissions“.