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Assessment Options in Performance Reviews

November 26, 2020 ·

Prerequisites: To update this preference, you need to have a user with setup menu access permission or user with administrator access.

By default, the system will display both the assessment value and assessment text on Consolidate Reviews page.

How to display different Assessment options in performance reviews?

  1. Navigate to “Goals and Performance Management” under the setup menu at the top right corner of application.
    goals and performance management

  2. Notice the “Assessment options to show Assessment in Performance Review” dropdown.
  3. By default, Show Assessment Value and Assessment Text option will be selected.Consolidate Assessment
  4. You can choose how you want to display the Assessment and select the preferred option.
  5. Notice the value gets updated automatically.
  6. Now, you can navigate to Consolidate Reviews page and the Assessment column will display the assessment based on your preference selected.
    Assessment Options