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Assign reviewer(s) to a Performance Review

May 13, 2019 · All, Performance Reviews,

BizMerlinHR allows you to choose the number and type of reviewers for any particular performance review.
Possible layers of assessment (“Assignment type”):
  • Self review
  • Supervisor – Manager
  • Supervisor – Manager’s Manager
  • Supervisor – Head of Org. Unit
  • Peer
  • Direct Report
  • Other
  • External Reviewer – for individuals outside of the organization
To assign and notify reviewer(s) for a Performance Review follow these steps:
  1. Go to the top Menu “Feedback” and click on “All Performance Reviews”
  2. Only reviews with the following status admit new or more reviewers: “Draft”, “In Progress”, “Ready to Consolidate”
  3. Click on the User name whose performance review is being sent to reviewers
  4. Click on “Add Reviewer” to make the following choices:
    1. Reviewers:  
      1. Based on role: manager, manager’s manager, head of org. unit, peer, self review or direct report (Assignment Type)
      2. By name.
    2. Due Date: you can design different performance review process/flow:
      1. Sequential: where different reviewers have different due dates. A typical example would be: self-review first; then the manager, and lastly the manager’s manager.
      2. Parallel: all reviewers have the same due date.
      3. Combination of both: A typical example would be: self-review and peers with one due date, followed by manager and then manager’s manager
    3. Notifications to reviewers. You can:
      1. “Notify now”
      2. Defer the launch of the review and schedule the notifications to reviewers at a later date
    4. Visibility options for names of reviewers and content of their assessment before publication of results