BizMerlinHR Status


June 17th, 2022,  05:15 PM EST

Metric names issue has been resolved.

June 15th, 2022,  11:43 PM EST

Metric names are not showing up correctly for some customers.
The resolution is in progress.

June 9th 2021,  9:18 PM EST

Document library issue from earlier this morning has been resolved.

June 9th, 2021

Document library is not showing correctly for some customers.  When it is not showing, that behavior is systematically incorrect in all browsers (changing browsers will not help).  Technical team is aware of the issue and is working on a fix.  The issue only affects if there are no folders in the document library.  

A temporary workaround is to simply create a folder (such as “Temp”) in the document library.  That folder can be entirely empty.

Issue affects multiple regions (North America, Africa, Europe and Asia).

An update will be posted here as soon as available.

Feb 10th, 2021

GSuite login issues are resolved.

Feb 9th, 2021

Some customers are not able to login using GSuite. 

For some customers, candidate page and job profile page is not loading correctly.

Fix is in the works.

06/07/2020 6:23 PM ET.

PTO calculation table page issue is resolved.


PTO calculation table is not loading in < 4 seconds.  In some cases it is taking more than 10 seconds.  Fix is in works.


1. Candidate search is running slow on the Candidates page. (Fixed)


1. The multiple masked custom fields on a single page gives unexpected results when clicked on Show link. (Fixed)


1. In MICROSOFT EDGE BROWSER, Custom Fields are being created twice instead of one.


1. Occasionally, the Complete Performance Review page does not show up the sections and metrics if the review is in “In Progress” state.

Suggested remediation at this time is to delete that assignment and create another assignment


1. In Multiple people forms, if user is added later in a usergroup (after the form is assigned to a user) then that user is sometimes not able to submit the form.(Fixed)


Skills issue resolved.


Skills are not displaying correctly. Resolution in process.


PTO process running slower than expected.  Expected time of completion



All systems operating normally.  No advisories.



Color scheme issues resolved.  All systems operating normally.



Color scheme not working if color is chosen as white.  Resolution in process.



All systems and modules running normally.



Candidate Job Board Login not working for some customers.  Technical team working on a resolution.

All other systems and modules running normally.



iPad Kiosk Application for Clock In / Clock Out is not working correctly for older versions of iPads.  If you have an older iPad (Gen 1 or 2), please upgrade to a Gen 3 iPad or iPad mini.



PTO Update Process did not complete successfully on April 16th due to an internal process failure.  Secondary process kicked in on April 19th. All PTO balances up to date now.



Document signing issues resolved.



Document signing – Signed documents are not posting to user profile correctly.  They are being signed and sent in the email acknowledgment correctly, but not posting back to employee record The document that is awaiting signature – status is not updating correctly.    [Urgent fix is in works.]



Form assignment email issue resolved.



Form assignment emails not being delivered to some users.



Saturday night maintenance triggered some test notifications – please ignore.  All systems running correctly before and after maintenance.



Saving goals is showing a harmless “warning”.  You can ignore this.  Goals are saving correctly.



Announcement, Task and Timecard description is being displayed correctly.

Issue while creating Task from User Profile page under Inbox tab has been resolved.



Announcement, Task and Timecard description is being displayed correctly.

Issue while creating Task from User Profile page under Inbox tab.



There is an issue while showing Announcement, Task and Timecard description.



Onboarding workflow Tasks are showing correctly.

Fixed email generation in Forms assignments.

Now Form radio buttons are saving correctly.



Forms assignments are not generating emails in some cases.  Fix is in works.

Form radio buttons are not saving correctly.



Apostrophes in person’s name issue is resolved.



Apostrophe in person’s name is causing an issue.  Fix is in works.



Instant Feedback is back up!

Name issues are resolved.



  1. Instant Feedback is not available at this time. 
    We are working on making it the best possible experience, and it will be up and running very soon!
    Have a great day!
  2. Short version of name is being shown at a few places.



All systems running normally again!



Systems reporting slow down on goals and performance reviews.