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Bulk Update Users “Reporting” and “Org Unit”

May 17, 2021 · All, Getting Started in BizMerlin & FAQs, Human Capital Management System,


Bulk Updates in BizMerlinHR encourage you to adjust both the reporting and the org unit of users. To update (reporting) in bulk, follow these steps:


  1. After logging into your BizMerlinHR account, go to Setup -> User & Employee Portal.
  2. Under Bulk User Imports and Edits, you’ll find Bulk User Update.
  3. The Bulk User Change view page will display a list of users.
  4. Using the checkboxes provided, select multiple users for whom you want to change reporting, then press the Bulk Change button in the top right corner.
  5. In the Bulk User Edit page, you’ll be able to change the Org Unit and Reporting.
  6. When you click on the Org Unit, a dropdown menu will appear, allowing you to select another Org Unit.
  7. Similarly, you can search up the name of the person to whom they will report in the “Reports To” column.
  8. Click the Bulk Update button to update the Org Unit and Reports for the selected users.
  9. A confirmation screen will appear, detailing the fields that will be updated and which users will get affected.
  10. To accept the changes, click the confirm button.
  11. A message will appear stating that the users have been successfully updated.

Hope this helps 🙂