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Bulk Updates on Performance Reviews

July 28, 2020 · All About Instant Feedback & Performance Reviews, Performance Reviews,

BizMerlinHR allows you to perform Bulk Updates on Performance Reviews so that users can consolidate/Archive many reviews quickly. Follow these steps to Consolidate/Archive Performance Reviews in Bulk:

  1. Navigate to Performance >All reviews and click on the “Bulk Update” Link.
  2. Select the “Bulk Action” you want to be performed from the drop-down and then click on Next Button. Bulk Update Action
  3. Filter out the reviews based on department, location, start date, end date, and status.
  4. Select the Performance Review which needs to be consolidated/archived.

      Bulk Update Filter

    1. At this step, in the case of Bulk Consolidation, you will see the calculated Final Value corresponding to each performance review. The system provides you the flexibility to select/deselect the performance reviews at this stage as well. Also, to configure the reviews with the below options:
      • Anonymously or with Reviewers’ names: You can choose whether the reviewers’ names should be displayed or not along with their corresponding comments and assessments.
      • Publish results – You can choose whether these reviews should be published directly after consolidation or not. If not, these reviews can be published later individually.
      • Show final value – You can choose whether the final value is to be shown in the published results page or not.
      • Show weighted total – You can choose whether the weighted total is to be shown in the published results page or not.
    2. In the case of archiving, select / deselect the performance reviews which need to be archived then click Next.Bulk Update Confirmation
    3. Clicking on “Confirm”, the Bulk Action will be performed on the selected Performance Reviews.

    Bulk update acknowledgement