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Candidate Capture Chrome Extension

May 3, 2020 · Hiring Automation and ATS,

BizMerlinHR candidate capture chrome extension is a handy addition to your BizMerlinHR applicant tracking system (ATS) to save information from the social media websites directly to your ATS.

To use this extension, simply add the extension from the Chrome store, specify the options (URL, etc, of your BizMerlinHR account) and you are ready to save candidates to your ATS.

The extension in the chrome  looks like this:

Chrome Extension by BizMerlinHR

Some frequently asked questions about this extension:

  1. I see an “email not found” error
    If you see this error, that simply means that the candidate has not shared their email address with you.  You can still save this candidate to your database by specifying their email if you know their email.