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Candidate Capture Chrome Extension

May 3, 2020 · All, All About Hiring: Positions & Applicant Tracking,

BizMerlinHR candidate capture chrome extension is a handy addition to your BizMerlinHR applicant tracking system (ATS) to save information from LinkedIn directly to your ATS.


To use this extension:

Download the Candidate Capture extension (Capture App) from the given link:


Specify the options (URL, UserId, and API Key of your BizMerlinHR account) and you are ready to save candidates to BizMerlinHR.

  1. Install the extension by following these instructions:
  • Move to Settings and Open “More Tools”, Select “Extensions”.

Candidate Capture


  • Click on “load unpacked” found on the top left.
  • Turn on the Developer mode toggle on the top right.



Step 2


  • Select the folder extracted from the downloaded file.

Step 3


*As we can see in the Downloaded Extension, the extension is ready for Configuration.   

  • Click on the BizMerlinHR icon on your browser.
  • Click on Options.
  • Fill out BizMerlinHR Authentication Settings.
  • Your BizMerlin URL: You can find it as the name before in the URL.
  • BizMerlinHR UserID: You can find it as the number at the end of the URL of your BizMerlinHR Profile.
  • UserAPI Key: It can be found under “My Integrations” by clicking on the top right thumbnail of your BizMerlinHR Profile.

    Step 4


    After Filling Out all the Details You will be Ready to Capture Candidates Details by following the further given process:

    • Once on the candidate’s LinkedIn Profile, click on the BizMerlinHR extension icon on your browser.
    • Click on the Capture Candidate link at the top right of the popup.
    • Click on “Add Candidate”.

    Step 5


    • Click on Capture Candidate.

    step 6


    • Once the candidate details get filled, Click on Add candidate.



    • Login to BizMerlinHR, Go to Candidates under the Hiring menu. You can view the captured candidate at the top of the list.



    *The candidate profile has been created in your BizMerlinHR account*

    • Some frequently asked questions about this extension:
    1. I see an “email not found” error!
      If you see this error, that simply means that the candidate has not shared their email address with you.  You can still save this candidate to your database by specifying their email if you know their email.