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Clock In/Clock Out in Real Time

May 13, 2019 · Timesheets Management,


BizMerlinHR Clock In/Clock Out feature enables you to record and keep track of your time working on various jobs/projects.

1. Clock In

  1. Users can easily clock in/clock out with a single click.
  2. Under people- Timesheets- Click on the watch icon to clock in.
  3. Once clocked In, users can see the time since logged in. 
  4. The total time is calculated automatically on the basis of the clock in/ clock out.

Note: Customers can also select auto clock out duration for all users.

Settings – Calendars/ Timesheets & PTO/ Leave – Timesheets.

Timesheets will get automatically clocked out after the number of hours mentioned in the box.


2. Who can access this feature?


Time can be logged by anyone in the company.  No special permission is needed for this. A user can log time according to the specific projects.


Hope this helps 🙂