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Creating, Tracking, Assigning Goals and more!

May 13, 2019 · All About Goals,

1. Create  “Goals” in BizMerlin:

      1. Go to top menu “Goals” and click on “+New Goal”.

      2. Fill in the mandatory fields of goal details.

      3. Set “Begin date” and “Target date” of goal.

      4. You can also set goal “Reviewer” and “Collaborators”.

      5. Click on “Save Goal” button.

      6. Once you click on “Save Goal”, Assignee/Reviewer/Collaborator will receive a notification with all details for the goal. They will also receive                 notifications everytime the goal is updated.


Watch a quick video: How to create SMART Goals?


2. Who can create Goals?

Goals can be created by anyone in the company.  No special permission is needed to create goals.

A user can create goals for other users as well.

If you want to create a goal that you

3. Make goal a “Company Wide” goal:

  1. Admins and authorized users can create “Company” wide goals.
  2. All users can view company wide goals.
  3. Click on “Company Goals” link in the Goals menu to view the list of current company goals.

4. View a list of all your goals:

  1. To see all the goals that are assigned to you, go to top menu “Goals” and click on sub-menu “My Goals” 
  2. To see all the goals you collaborate on, go to the top menu “Goals” and click on sub-menu “Goals I Collaborate on”
  3. To see all the goals you review, go to the top menu “Goals” and click on sub-menu “Goals I Review”

5. Update your goals progress:

  1.  You can update the progress that has been achieved so far. Go to the top menu “Goals” and click on sub-menu “My Goals”. Select the goal you want to update by clicking on the name. A new window will open. You will find a goal progress slider that you can drag to the desired point. 
  2. Once you update your goal, a notification will be sent to you and to the person assigned to review the goal.


6. “Lock your Goal” vs. “Archived Goals”

Locking your Goal, will prevent any other user to edit it. Archiving Goals, will remove it from the “My Goals” List. Archived Goals will always be available in the “My Archived Goals” sub-menu.

  1. To Lock a goal, go to the goal, and click “Lock Goal” in the left menu
  2. To Archive a goal, go to the goal and click “Archive Goal in the left menu

7. Add External Collaborator:

      1.  If you want to add collaborator in your goal from outside the company. Click on goal name, new window will open click on 

         “External Collaborator” tag.

      2. Fill required fields User name and Email address.

3. Click on “Save Collaborator” button.

      4. You can view goals in which you are collaborator “Goals|Collaborate” on sub-menu.


8. Notifications regarding Goals

BizMerlin will automatically send notifications regarding goals when:

  • A new goal is created. Both user and assigned reviewer receive this notification.
  • Any update is made to a goal. Both user and assigned reviewer receive this notification.
  • Weekly digest: every user will receive a weekly digest on Saturdays  with the status of all their assigned goals.
  • Midpoint: a notification will only be sent when 50% of time has elapsed to meet the goal, and the goal is behind “50%” of completion.