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Define the context of your organization

May 13, 2019 · Getting Started in BizMerlin & FAQs,

Define the context of your organization

Before you start creating/importing your team members’ details page or User Record (‘users’ in BizMerlin), we recommend that you define a couple of details that are specific to your organization so they are ready when you fill in the information/details in the details page and other BizMerlin modules.

[Defining these items in advance is recommended but optional, and can always be defined and/or edited after at your convenience]

The details we recommend you set up first, are:

  • User Profile: User Profile refers to the main function or level a person has in an organization. Some examples are: junior developer, senior salesperson, manager.
  • User Role: Only relevant in the context of Project Allocation. Skip this step if you are not ready for Allocations yet.– User Roles are used in the context of projects. Regardless of what profile a user has (developer, sales person, etc), he or she can play different roles in different projects
  • Department:  Only relevant to define an individual department in which he/she is working in.
  • Company Location: Only relevant if it is important for you to track where your employees are located: cities, branches, etc.

To learn more about the difference between “User Profile” | “User Role” | “User Group” , please, click here.

If you prefer to go ahead and create user’s records right away, please, go here.