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E-Signature: Electronic Document Signing

May 13, 2019 · Getting Started in BizMerlin & FAQs,

BizMerlin integrates with the HelloSign API to provide customers digital signing services.

BizMerlin provides simplified eSignature service via embedded HelloSign API integration. It is easy to upload, sign and receive the digitally signed documents in your inbox

How to use e-signature 

1. Go to User’s profile page and find the Docs tab and go to Document Signing panel.

2. Upload the document which is to be signed.

3. A notification will be sent to the concerned user with a link to the document to be signed.

4. User can go to his/her BizMerlinHR profile and simply sign the document by clicking on Sign link.

5. User can insert the signature into given box and submit the document.

6. On successful signing of document, signed document will be sent to the signer and Document Creator via an email.