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Email Templates & Merge Fields

May 13, 2019 · Getting Started in BizMerlin & FAQs,

BizMerlinHR allows you to create email templates that you can send to candidates, users, etc.Follow the following steps to set email templates:

  1. Go to the top right “Setup” Menu
  2. Scroll down and click in the “Forms, Workflows & Templates” link
  3. Click on “Mail Templates” link
  4. Click on “New Email” Template
  5. Design your template and save

To use merge fields, use the following commands:

  1. Name: $name
  2. Assigned  By (The person’s name who assign the form): $assignedBy
  3. Form name: $formName

  4. Form Description: $formDescription

  5. Company Name: $companyName

  6. Sender’s Name: $senderName

  7. Sender’s Email: $senderEmail

  8. User’s Position: $userPosition

  9. Start Date: $startDate
  10. End Date: $endDate
  11. User’s Department: $userDepartment
  12. Redirect link (A link will be added based on the module) = $here

For sending an email to the candidate, here are the 5 fields that are relevant:

  1. Name: $name
  2. Position: $recipientPosition  [This may not be present, if candidate is not associated with a position]
  3. Company Name: $companyName

  4. Sender’s Name: $senderName [This is the name of the person who triggers the “send email” action]

  5. Sender’s Email: $senderEmail [This is the email of the person who triggers the “send email” action]