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Get started with assessment scales created and used in BizMerlinHR

June 9, 2021 · All, All About Instant Feedback & Performance Reviews, Getting Started in BizMerlin & FAQs,


Assessment scale plays a vital role in helping you to measure metrics.

Get started with assessment scales created and used in BizMerlinHR


  1. How assessment scales are created and used?   It includes various minimum and maximum ranges, as well as various visualization elements that aid in the scaling of individual performance. To improve the user experience, we can use different colors for each range value.
  2. How to create an Assessment Template?  Learn about the creation of various visualizations to measure employee performance.
  3. Where Assessment Templates are usedAssessment templates are widely used in the following modules in different ways:
    1. Performance Reviews  Measuring your employees’ metrics can help you learn more about their performance.
    2. Goals  Assess the goals by assigning goal types, which include the assessment templates.
    3. Skills Encourage your employees by using assessment templates to assign them skills and skill levels.
    4. Candidate assessments Use our assessment templates to evaluate a candidate’s abilities before hiring them.
  4. 5 ways to build your Assessment Template Gallery
    1. Numeric gradient scales
    2. Narrative gradient scales
    3. Frequency scales
    4. Red-Amber-Green scales


Hope this helps 🙂