Getting Started: Forms

BizMerlinHR allows you to create forms to request information either from employees or candidates. Some ways you can use forms are: “Emergency Contact Information Updates”,”Travel & Accommodation Preferences”, “Interview process: essay questions”, etc.Follow the following links to manage your forms:

  1. How to setup a form?
  2. How to access forms:
    1. Open forms: How to access ‘open’ forms – forms publicly available for users to access and fill out at any given time
    2. Forms by assignment: How to assign forms to users (employees) – forms that can only be available by assignment to the user
  3. How to assign forms to candidates
  4. How to see form submissions/results from users
  5. How to see form submissions/results  from candidates
  6. Need Inspiration? See some Form Samples to make the best of Forms in your BizMerlinHR system