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Getting Started: Leaves & PTO Management

May 13, 2019 · All About Leave | PTO Management,

Get started with managing PTO and time off with BizMerlinHR.

  1. Create Leave Types (PTO Policies): Whether you offer a general leave policy or you have a comprehensive set of leave types targetting different profiles in your company, this is the place to start. Define allowance, accrual rules and other conditions. Go here for reference on Meaning of Leave Type Details
  2. Assign Leave Types to Users: so you can have differentiated leave types depending on user’s roles, responsibilities, and other conditions.
  3. Specify an Initial Balance for the UsersSo your user’s are all set up and start accruing and enjoying leaves.
  4. Setup Leaves/PTO Management PermissionsUnderstand the different permissions involved in creating and assigning Leave Types, and approving leaves
  5. Setup Leaves/PTO Requests and Approval Notifications: so the right people are always on top of the team’s leaves
  6. Understand leave balance calculations

Other FAQs regarding Leaves/PTO:

  1. How to manage non paid leaves
  2. Need some inspiration? See a set of Leave Type Samples