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Getting Started: Performance Reviews

May 13, 2019 · All About Instant Feedback & Performance Reviews,

Starting your Performance Review season? Follow these steps to get you started:

  1. Step 1: Create your Performance Review Templates: start defining your performance review metrics – either from scratch, from existing templates of your own, or importing existing templates from BizMerlinHR’s Global Template Library. You choose!
    1. Create Performance Review Templates from scratch
    2. Import existing templates from BizMerlinHR’s Global Template Library
    3. Import User’s Goals to the Performance Review
  2. Step 2: Launch a Performance ReviewSingle Performance Review or Performance Review in Batch. The system will walk you through the different steps:
    1. Edit the performance review metrics (if needed) -(Admin)
    2. Select and notify the Reviewer/s (Admin)
    3. Complete a Performance Review (Reviewers)
    4. Consolidate a Review and Communicate Results (Admin)
  3. BizMerlinHR’s Global Template Library: BizMerlinHR comes with a library of performance review templates you can import and adapt for your own gallery of templates

Performance Reviews FAQs

  1. Where do I find my submitted self reviews?
  2. Where do I find my submitted reviews for other users?
  3. One Performance Review, Different Templates for Multiple Types of Reviewers
  4. Making individual reviews visible to other reviewers before consolidation

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