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Giving and sharing Instant Feedback and more!

May 13, 2019 · All About Instant Feedback & Performance Reviews,

Study after studies show how a healthy feedback culture are a main factor in employee satisfaction and growth. BizMerlinHR helps you build this culture in two ways:

1. Instant Feedback, with comments, individual, team and company walls, social feeds, “likes”, etc

2. Formal Performance Reviews, that can be customized in terms of workflow, frequency, reviewers, permissions, etc.

1. How to Give Instant Feedback:

  1. Go to top menu “Feedback” and click on “+Give Feedback”.
  2. Fill the name of the person to whom you are going to give “Feedback”.
  3. Fill “Feedback Summary” field with a highlight of your comment
  4. Explain your feedback on “Tell us what is on your mind…”
  5. Sharing your feedback beyond: You can share this feedback, not only with the person you are reviewing, but with any particular people you want to make sure the feedback is shared with.
  6. By selecting “Post this feedback to user’s wall”, you can post your feedback to “user wall”, to whom you’re giving the feedback.
  7. Selecting “Keep this feedback private”, your feedback will not be posted on user wall.
  8. Linking a feedback to a particular skill: you can link your feedback to a skill or skill set. This will help in informing the person’s growth, career path, progress or formal performance reviews.

2. Who can give Instant Feedback?

Anyone in the company can give Feedback to anyone. No special permission is needed to give Feedback. However this can be customized if desired otherwise.

3. How to view the feedback you and your team have received:  

  1. Go to top menu “Feedback”
  2. Click on “My Feedback” sub-menu to view the list of all the feedback you have received
  3. Click on any feedback, new window will show detail of the comments you have received
  4. Click on “My Team’s Feedback” to view the list of the feedback your team has received

4. How to view all user’s feedback:

  1. Go to top menu “Feedback”
  2. Go to “All Feedback” sub-menu, enter name of person whose feedback you want to search in search box. All feedbacks given by him and given to him will show on screen.

5. What isMy Feedback Wall” vs “Company Feedback Wall’:

  1. You can view your own Feedback’s by clicking on sub-menu “My Wall”.
  2. If you want to view all user’s Feedback’s click on “Company Wall” sub-menu.

Company Wall:

My Wall:

6. Feedback Notifications:

Every time a user submits a feedback, the reviewed user will receive an Email/notification, as well as everyone that has been specified to receive a copy of the feedback. 

7. Customize the level of visibility that people have into the company wall

Company Wall is a public area both “Admin” and “Non-Admin” user can view company wall. This can be customized as well to adjust to your organization’s culture