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How to configure your Job Board

May 10, 2019 · All About Hiring: Positions & Applicant Tracking,

BizMerlinHR gives you access to your own Job Board- a URL where all your positions get published, and applicants can apply directly. The Job Board is also where you configure your third party integrations like Indeed, LinkedIn, CareerJet, ZipRecruiter, etc.


Watch Video on how to configure the job board.

To configure your Job Board:

  1. Go to the top “Hiring” menu and scroll down to “Job Board”
  2. Click on the top right button “Configure Job Board”
  3. Complete the details of your Job Board.
  4. Explanation of some of the fields to configure your Job Board:
    1. The checkbox “Allow candidates to register and login to the job board“: When checked candidates will be able to log in your job board and return to their own information once submitted and application
    2. The checkbox “Make this job board available to applicants“: When checked, your job board will display an “Apply now” button for candidates to enter all their information and apply
    3. Checkbox 1” & “Checkbox 2“:  BizMerlinHR allows you to create up to 2 of your own candidate-facing checkboxes. These check boxes will appear in their “Apply” page. You can use these checkboxes to require candidates to check a “I agree to the Company’s Privacy Policy”  checkbox prior to submitting their application. Other examples of checkboxes you could use are: “All the information provided in my CV is accurate to the best of my knowledge”
    4. Footer Right” & “Footer Left“: You can even configure the footer of your Job Board! Some good ideas of things to display in your footers: your address, a link to your website careers page, etc.
    5. Publish Jobs on Third-Party Job portals: By checking the different options offered you agree to have your positions published in those portals. You do not require to have an account in those portals to have your positions published. Note: only clients past the trial period will be able to use the ATS third-party integrations.

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