How to Create a Status Filter on Candidate Homepage?

  1. Navigate to Hiring and open the candidate home page.
  2. On the top right corner of the Candidate Homepage, you will see an icon of the “Edit Filter” status filter option.

  3. When you click on the edit filter icon, a new page of “Edit Filter” will appear on the right side of the candidate’s home page.
  4. To fetch the status filter data, you should choose one of the status types while selecting the multiple statuses from the dropdown:
     a)Is any of
    b)Is none of 
  5.  After selecting status filter data, you should click on apply filter,

  1. After applying the multiple filters, If you want to add a status filter button on the top of the candidate homepage please click on the “+” symbol and enter the filter button name.

  2.  After entering the filter name you will see the Status filter button will appear on top of the Candidate home page.


    Please watch the tutorial video on
    How to Create a Status Filter on
    Candidate Homepage

BizMerlinHR – Candidate Filters from BizMerlin HR on Vimeo.

Hope this helps!