How to create a survey

Surveys help us to gather data in an organized way which provides insights for organizations that can lead to amazing research.

  1. Go to the top right “Setup” menu and click on “Forms, Workflows & Templates”. Surveys
  2. You will be redirected to the “Forms, Workflows & Templates Details” page. Follow to “Forms”>” Surveys”. SURVEYS
  3. Now you can approach with creating a “New Survey”. SURVEYS

Step 1: Fill up the Survey details


  • “Can be filled by” – In this option, you can select whether the survey is for a user or candidate. Here, the user is the employee and the candidate is the one who is still in the hiring process. 
  • “Survey Availability” – This shows the survey available to all or to specific users by assignment process. SURVEYS
  • Step 2: Now “Proceed to Design” will lead to the design page. The design is split into sections in which you can add questions. You can add a section from “Add Section” > Fill Details > “Save Section”.SURVEYSSURVEYS
  • Step 3: Create questions in each section by clicking on “New Question” > Fill Details > “Save Question”.Options: 
    • “Field Type” –  It is the type of field you want to add like Text area, Multiple choice, etc.
    • “Type” – By default, the form is kept generic.
    • “Help text” – In case you want to clarify something for whoever fills the survey.
    • “Sequence” – Sequence will define the position of the sections. By default questions are arranged in the order they are created.      SURVEYS
  • Step 4: Click on “Publish Survey” in order to publish the survey. SURVEYS
  • Step 5: Assigning Surveys.  a) If survey availability is Open, anybody can access it from the Public Surveys link. SURVEYS   b) For others, click on “Add Assignment” in order to create a new assignment.  c) Assign the survey to the user and then click on “Save Assignment”. SURVEYS d) Download the response of the assignees as a spreadsheet from the option “Download Response as Excel”.  SURVEYS