How to create an Announcement?


BizMerlinHR makes it easy to create and publish announcements.

1. Navigate to the People Menu > Announcements.

Announcement 1


2. Select New Announcement.

Announcement 2


3. Give your announcement a Title and a Description.


Announcement 3


4. If you want to attach a document from the document library to it, you can do so.


Announcement 4


5. Announcements can be published based on the multiple org units and Locations. In short, if you want to send an announcement to specific departments or locations, you can do so, and the announcement will be limited to that org unit or location.

Announcement 5


Announcement 6


6. Go ahead by clicking on “Save Draft and Continue”.


Announcement 7


7. Then, you can choose some attachments from the Computer or from Dropbox to it if you want.


Announcement 8


8. Also, define the status of the announcement as “Active” or “Inactive”.


Announcement 9


a. If announcement status is defined as “Active”, the announcement is ready for publication.

b. If announcement status is defined as “Inactive”, the announcement can be saved in draft state and will be shown under archived announcements.

9. Notify Users – If you will checkmark this option, an email of the announcement will be sent to the user.


Announcement 10


10. Show Popup – If you will checkmark this option, the users will get a popup for the announcement on their homepage.


Announcement 11


Announcement 12


11. To publish the announcement, click on the “Publish Announcement” button.

Announcement 13


Hope this helps!