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How to interact with BizMerlin APIs

May 10, 2019 · BizMerlin APIs,


BizMerlin APIs provides robust solutions to the Customers. Customers can get their access token from BizMerlin portal and start using the services immediately. A secure call via RESTful framework will be established between BizMerlin and end-point customer.


BizMerlin APIs accept an access token via HTTP request Authorisation Header. Customers will be provided with an access token and a unique URL by BizMerlin. Each customer will have its own users. Each user belonging to a particular customer domain will be able to access the services with an access token of itself. BizMerlin APIs will return JSON formatted Array response to the endpoint user.


For accessing the BizMerlin API services, Customer needs to go through following steps:

  1. Each user will get an access token and a domain url (URL specified by BizMerlin) from User Profile page.

  2. Each end point user will send an access token via HTTP header.

  3. From request end-point, user belonging to a particular customer domain will send a HTTPS request (POST/GET/PUT/DELETE) to a specified url (provided upon procuring an API).

  4. Endpoint user will send a HTTP request with HTTP header contains access token for key Authorization and application/json value for key Content-Type.

E.g – Authorization:{“accessKey” : “czM6ZDQ1MGMwZGM0Y2YxMDRkMjBjOWY0MkjlXXXXXXXXXXXX”}

            Content-Type: application/json


To get Goals list


Request type – GET

HTTP Header – Authorization:{“accessKey” : “czM6ZDQ1MGMwZGM0Y2YxMDRkMjBjOWY0MkjlXXXXXXXXXXXX”}

Content-Type: application/json