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How to link an Application Form to a Position

July 10, 2019 · Hiring Automation and ATS,

Because the information you require from applicants may vary from position to position, BizMerlinHR allows you to create as many application forms as you need. Here is how:

  1. Create your application form: you will be able to add different kinds of fields, from text boxes, to drop down menus, to check boxes, and organize them in different sections
  2. Link your Application form to your position: Once you have created your application form, you can link it to the corresponding position. To do so:
    1. Go to your position and click on the top right “Edit Position” button
    2. There, go to the “Application Form” drop down menu field, and select the application form you would like to apply to this position
  3. You are done! Now candidates at the time of their application submission, will see this application form questions in their screens.

Note: After their application submission, you can also assign other forms to your candidates for them to complete during their selection process. Here is how