How to update skill level

  1. Once you have saved the training, you can add skills to the training view page. To add a new skill, Click on “+New Skill”. Skill Level
  2. Select a skill from a predefined list of skills or you can also customize a new skill by defining its own assessment template. You can specify the skill level by which you want to upgrade after completing the training. Skill level
  3. To auto-update the skills after completion of training, You need to toggle “Do You want to auto-update the skill level?” to Yes. Skill level
  4. You can set skill level increment type in Setup.
  • Go to the Setup menu
  • Select Goals & Performance Management followed by skill matrix Automation
  • You can choose skill level increment type either as Linear or BMP
  • You can customize Linear formula values for New skills accordingly.  Skill Level

The first value should be at least 1.0, and the second value can be any non-negative value.

For example, if Old Skill   =   8, then   New Skill  =   (8 * 1.0 + 0.1)  or   8.1

Once you have completed the training you can see your improved skill level on the user view page in the skills tab.  Skill level