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How to Use Parameters in Workflows

November 17, 2020 · Workflows & Forms,

Workflows have a section called Parameters, where you can define/add multiple parameters. Their values are passed at the time of workflow launch. 

Where can parameters come in use?

Workflows in BizMerlinHR help you digitize and streamline processes such as onboarding, offboarding, etc. Parameters within a workflow are a useful feature when you want to dynamically pass values to a workflow. 

One of the ways they can be used is to make changes in a user record using a workflow step. This is supported by the workflow step-type “Field Change”. 

How it works

If you haven’t already, please read our article on how to create a workflow.

Along with phases and steps, there is an additional section on the workflow design page called Parameters. The parameters you define in this section can be used in field change steps.

  1. Use the “Parameters” section on the workflow design page to add parameters.
  2. You can set a workflow step-type to “Field Change” and select which field you want to change in the assignee’s user record. You can also select the parameter whose value you wish to use for this field change. parameters section

  3. Once you click on “Save Assignment”, the value passed in the selected parameter at the time of workflow launch will be used to update that field in the user record. 

The field change step is automatically executed by the system. If you mark a field change step as dependent on another step, then it will only be executed when that step is completed. Otherwise, all field change steps are executed at the time of the workflow launch.