Integrate BizMerlinHR Trainings with LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning supports the AICC standard for integration with a Learning Management System (LMS). You can download all LinkedIn Learning courses and learning paths as AICC packages, ready to be integrated into the BizMerlinHR system.

Steps to upload AICC package in BizMerlinHR:

1. Download AICC course Packages (zip file) from LinkedIn Learning Portal. (
2. Go to the Trainings tab in BizMerlinHR by following the Skills->Training menu.
3. Open the dropdown next to the New Training button.
4. Click on Upload AICC.

Integrate BizMerlinHR Trainings with LinkedIn Learning


5. Choose the downloaded AICC package from the computer.

downloaded AICC package
6. Click on upload.
7. Once the AICC course is uploaded, the training would be created in the BizMerlinHR system.
8. These trainings are now ready to be assigned to the users.
9. The status of such training can be tracked through the BizMerlinHR Training system.
10. Once the user completes the Training on LinkedIn Learning side, the same status will be reflected in the BizMerlinHR system as well.