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Leaves/PTO Balance Calculation

May 13, 2019 · All About Leave | PTO Management,

BizMerlinHR allows you to choose your method to calculate your Leaves/PTO Balance: Automatic or Manual 

  • Manual: The system will not automatically calculate any balance. You can do it manually.
  • Automatic: The system will automatically update the balance every 1st and 16th of the month.

To enable automatic calculations: 

  1. Go to Top Right Setup menu (gear icon)
  2. Scroll down and click on “Calendar & PTO/Leaves” 
  3. Under “PTO Preferences” section set “PTO Calculation Allow” to “Automatic”. Click on Save, and you are done.

Calculation Logic:

PTO calculation logic varies based on the accrual type you have selected.

  1. Continuous Accrual: For Continuous Accrual policies, a certain number of hours (proportional to the accrual rate defined in the Leave type) will be added every month to the total balance. The total hours of leaves taken by the user is deducted from the previous PTO balance and credit hours will be added to the result.
    For example:
    Policy: Medical Policy
    Total Accrual = 96 hours
    User ‘A’ has an initial balance = 4 hours
    When the PTO calculation service runs then the calculation is as follows:
    User’s Previous Balance = 4 hours
    Credit for the given period (for which service is running) = Total Accrual/Year Fraction
    = 96/24
    = 4 hours
    Hours of leave taken in the given period (for which service is running)  by user ‘A’ = 8 hours
    Now balance of user = Previous balance + credit – Leave Hours
    = 4 + 4 – 8
    = 0 hours
  2. Accrual at Beginning of the period: For policy types which use “Accrual at the Beginning”, there is no increase of balance every month. The total balance is granted at the beginning of the period. The hours of leave taken by the user are deducted from user’s previous balance.
    For example:
    Policy: Vacation
    Total Accrual = 96 hours
    User ‘A’ has initial balance = 96 hoursWhen the PTO calculation service will run then the calculation will be like this:User’s Previous Balance = 96 hours
    Hours of leave taken in the given period (for which service is running)  by user ‘A’ = 8 hours
     Now balance of user  = Previous balance + credit – Leave Hours
    = 96 – 8
    = 88 hours

How to Manually Fix a User’s Balance?

For automatic calculation of Leave balances, users will need to have an initial balance defined in the system. To define an initial balance of a Leave Type:

  1. Go into the user’s profile.
  2. Click on PTO tab.
  3. Click on the leave type, and update the balance for the same date mentioned in the balance date column.
  4. Then, the system will take your given balance and calculate it according to your updated balance in the next calculation.
  5. System only uses the LAST active balance, and ignores everything else in the history.

Is there a Report that I can see?

Yes! Go to the Reports Section, and look under the PTO Calculation Section

Who Will Receive the Reports?
Every user who has the PTO Management permission receives the report when the process runs.  If you want a certain user to receive the report, ensure that they are in a user group that has this permission.  You can also create a user group specifically for this if you like.

Yes! Just look for PTO Calculation Report in the Reports section!