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Linkedin-BizMerlin Integration

July 11, 2019 · Integrating BizMerlinHR with 3rd Party Applications,

Linking Linkedin and BizMerlinHR

Connect your BizMerlinHR and LinkedIn Recruiter accounts via LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (RSC).

This integration allows you to streamline your recruitment process, providing cross-system access to consistent candidate data.

Link your accounts to view candidates’ LinkedIn profiles within BizMerlinHR, export candidates from LinkedIn Recruiter to BizMerlinHR, and even see candidate history within LinkedIn Recruiter.

Note that this integration works only with LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate-OFFLINE, not LinkedIn Recruiter Lite (could also be known as LinkedIn Recruiter- ONLINE). You must also have a LinkedIn company profile in order to integrate. Recruiter Professional Services will work with a Recruiter Systems Connect account.

Setting up the Integration

Note that you must be a Admin in BizMerlinHR and an Admin in LinkedIn Recruiter in order to connect this integration. 

Once you’ve confirmed this, head into BizMerlinHR to begin setting up this integration. Here’s how:

        • Click Settings.
        • Click Third party Integrations
        • Click New Integration
        • Click Integration Type as Jobboard
        • Click Linkedin

Next, sign in to your LinkedIn Recruiter to complete the setup. Once in Recruiter:

        • Navigate to the icon with your picture or the company logo in the top right corner.
        • Click SETTINGS.
        • Click ATS INTEGRATION in the menu on the left. This should be the very last option.
        • Select the Application ID you want to activate.
        • Turn ON “Contract Level Access” and “Company Level Access”.

Exporting Candidates to BizMerlinHR

Export candidates directly from LinkedIn Recruiter to jobs in BizMerlinHR. This feature creates new Candidate records in BizMerlinHR and allows you to view LinkedIn InMail history right from BizMerlinHR.

Head to any candidate profile in LinkedIn Recruiter to begin the export process. Here’s how:

        • Start a new search for a candidate or head over to a saved candidate profile
        • Click the horizontal ellipses (Screen_Shot_2019-12-17_at_9.35.16_AM.png) next to “Save to Project
        • Select “Export to ATS” and choose the job name in the available dropdown
        • Click the job title you wish to export the candidate to and click “Export
        • A notification will populate in the lower left corner notifying you that the candidate has been exported
        • This option works reliably only in Google Chrome. In other browsers, the results may vary.

Why am I not seeing the export function on certain candidate profiles within LinkedIn Recruiter?

Candidates have the ability to turn on certain LinkedIn privacy settings that prevent them from being exported to BizMerlinHR. Specifically, they can disable Off-LinkedIn Visibility. This is entirely at the candidate’s individual discretion and will block the export field from appearing on their profile.


Watch a quick video to find out how easy it is to post jobs on Linkedin using BizMerlinHR

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