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MailChimp – BizMerlin Integration

May 10, 2019 · Integrating BizMerlinHR with 3rd Party Applications,

Please, follow the following steps to setup your BizMerlin integration with MailChimp

  Link BizMerlin and MailChimp:

  1. Getting information from MailChimp:

    1. Getting API Key from MailChimp:

      1. Sign into your MailChimp account and go to your profile.

      2. Click on Extras tab, then select API keys.

      3. Scroll to the bottom and click the Create A Key button to generate a new key or just highlight and copy an existing API key, which is a long string of characters

    2. Getting List-id from MailChimp:

      1. Click “Lists” from the top menu to view your MailChimp lists.

      2. Select the list you wish to offer user sign-up.

      3. Click “Settings” and then “List name and defaults”.

      4. Your list id will be at the top of the right column under List ID.

      5. Copy your List-Id.


2.  Linking MailChimp in your BizMerlin account:

    1. Go to the top right “Setup” menu and scroll down and click on “Third Party Integrations”: Setup-> Third Party Integrations
    2. On the Third Party Integrations page, click on the button “New Integration” and choose “Email Automation”, then MailChimp.
    3. Specify Base URL as “https://<dc>”, where dc is data center for your account.
    4. For example, if the last part of your MailChimp API key is us6, then fill Base URL as
    5. Fill Consumer key as API key that is taken from your MailChimp account.
    6. Fill MailChimp List ID.
    7. Hit “Save” button and you are done. 

That’s it! Now, you are ready to integrate with MailChimp. Whenever a new user is created in BizMerlin, it is automatically added to MailChimp list.