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Offer Letter Management

January 15, 2021 · All About Hiring: Positions & Applicant Tracking,

Managing Offer Letters made easy with these simple steps:

a. Create Offer Letter

b. Assign Offer Letter to Candidate

 Create Offer Letter

    1. Create a template for the Offer Letter outside of BizMerlinHR on your regular text editor (eg. Word or Google Docs). 
    2. Refer to the following list to include any ‘variables’.

      Supported Variables
      Name Description
      $name Candidate’s Name
      $salaryAmount Salary
      $recipientPosition Candidate’s Position
      $companyName Company Name
      $salaryCurrency Salary currency
      $senderPhone Sender’s Phone
      {{CF:customfieldname}} Custom Field


    3. Upload your offer letter template in BizMerlinHR’s Document Library. Please make sure that this template is in PDF format.Offer_Letter_Management
    4. Classify the uploaded document as ¨OL¨ under Topic. To do so, click on the pencil icon shown next to the document’s name. In the pop-up that opens up, please write “OL” in the field for Topic as shown in the following image.Offer Letter


    Assign Offer Letter to Candidate

    1. In the Candidate’s profile, go to the Action tab, and click on “Generate Offer Letter”.Offer Letter
    2. Select a Template suitable for your candidate and click on “Generate Offer Letter”.OFFER LETTER
    3. The system fills out the variable fields with information corresponding to the candidate and places the offer letter document in the candidate’s Docs tab.OFFER LETTER