Overview of Hiring and Onboarding

Bringing new people into the team is always exciting! When running a business, it takes various processes for hiring and onboarding New Employees. You make spending decisions every day for the betterment of your company. Hiring and onboarding new employees is one such continuous investment, a company makes to counter employee turnover and support growth. During the COVID, hiring and onboarding faced challenges that were never witnessed before and it has changed the expectations and outcomes from these processes. The process of onboarding is now required to be more streamlined and equipped with technology that ensures nothing gets skipped or missed.

What exactly Hiring and Onboarding is?

HIRING: The hiring process refers to the process of finding, selecting, and hiring new employees to a company. This process has three key segments: planning, recruitment, and employee selection.

ONBOARDING: In human resources, onboarding is defined as the process of familiarizing a new employee with the organization. Onboarding begins from the moment an offer is made to the employee until the time the employee becomes a productive member of the organization.

Hiring Process Steps

What is the Procedure for Hiring?

  •   Recruiting
  •   Applicant   review      
  •   Interviews
  •   Decision
  •   Job offer
  •   Onboarding



Onboarding Process Steps

What is the onboarding process entail? Why do we need the onboarding process?

  • Provide information on company policies and benefits
  • Document Signing
  • Check-ins
  • Assigning Hardware
  • Give access to the Software
  • Role Clarity
  • Training
  • Social connection with colleagues



That’s all! Now you have seen hiring and onboarding processes in a few quick steps. You may also want to estimate your costs of hiring and onboarding.

Happy Hiring! Happy Onboarding!